The Real Sock Monkey Legends are currently in production. This NFT Series of animated videos is starring handmade, one of kind, true vintage, 90-60 year old sock monkeys!

Starting with grandma’s sock monkey when Ryan was four years old, he has collected, styled and is now bringing to life the Legends. Originally made of a very specific Rockford sock that is no longer manufactured, time has evolved the Legends’ rare patina as well as molecularly changed the iconic, up-swing, red mouth-butts to Vintage Orange.

Don’t underestimate these thick knitted, competitive performers as they execute fantastic feats, stunts, magic and mayhem. Each character brings a long history tied to its unique traits and talents demonstrated in every animated NFT. Ryan is digitally sewing “craft within art” so that the Legends’ unique identities will live forever on the blockchain.

And imagine… you could own one of Ryan’s Real Sock Monkey Legends… the 1/1 physical vintage collectable with its corresponding token number sewn into its butt-mouth.

Below is a first animation pass at Hashtag dancing in a loop. The second is a line-up showcasing many of my styled legends, only here on RyanNellis.com. Much more to come as we continue to build The Real Sock Monkey Legends. Follow me on social for more.


Explore the next evolution of the human figure in the images below and as NFTs on Foundation

In celebration of Earth Day April 22, 2022, the Biosapiens NFT collection is 22 individual nude figures digitally unified with complex textures from nature. Creator Ryan Nellis uses light and lens to abstract the human body into earthly sculptural forms. The human species is seen as a biological phenomenon – rarely identical, continually evolving. These images connect our complex internal landscapes with the abundant surfaces of the planet. The intent is to see nature as not outside of us, but as an integral part of us.

Ryan has non-segmental Vitiligo, a disorder that causes the loss of pigmentation in patches of skin. Portraits of Ryan under ultraviolet light enhance these spots, which he says speak a hidden language across his body. These skin glyphs help inform his identity as an artist and have inspired the birth of Biosapiens.

Taking action on reforestation, at around $1 per tree, 10% of all sales of the Biosapien NFTs will be donated to OneTreePlanted.org. Join Ryan in a partnership for the planet and elevate your NFT collection with your own 1/1 Biosapien on Foundation.

The remaining earnings from the NFT Biosapiens will help finance the animation labor of Ryan’s next A-list NFT launch: Real Sock Monkey Legends. Sneak peak in the video below. Thanks for your support.

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Storytelling with dynamic characters is at the center of Ryan’s passion for creating art, design, and streaming content. Creating modern myths, supernatural underworlds, and alternate realities can be seen in Ryan’s award winning books, magazines, and movies. Ryan’s life is dedicated to producing provocative works from the innovative application of live-action, design and animation techniques. His legacy is one of value driven art and NFT collectables in both physical and digital form.