Ryan Nellis is a provocative storyteller. For client work and his own creations, Ryan specializes in the integration of live-action production, design, and animation. Whether for streaming video, interactive, NFTs, or print, his multidisciplinary background as a filmmaker, photographer, editor, motion designer, and writer has given Ryan the skill set to bring an idea to life for a unique and compelling experience. Don’t miss his latest NFT drop… the Biosapiens available on Foundation.

Ryan doesn’t always wear a ball over his head. Quite the contrary, he is accustomed to performing under deadlines and loves to collaborate. His clients include Disney, Universal Pictures, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and IFC. As an Adobe After Effects Certified Expert, Ryan teaches motion graphics and digital imaging at colleges in Los Angeles.

While you don’t see light skin spots in this portrait of Ryan, he does have Vitiligo as seen under a blue UV light on the Artist page. His vanity has hidden it here with makeup, Photoshop and staying out of the sun.